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Top 5 Time Management Tips For College

Zac DouglasNews, Student Life

Managing your time in college can be difficult for some students. They struggle with the freedom they now have, and their grades suffer. Thankfully, the University of Mobile has multiple ways to help students manage their time, such as having Fridays off on Focus Fridays. These five tips will help you manage your time at UM and make time to thrive in the classroom while still enjoying your social life.

1. Create a routine

Having a routine can help you know exactly what is coming in your day. It assists you in getting more done in a set period of time than if you didn’t have a schedule. As you build your routine, you are able to tweak it to fit in all that you would want throughout the day without getting overwhelmed.

2. Stay Organized

Keeping up with your schoolwork is a huge factor in managing your time. Avoiding clutter helps you know exactly what is due when. The longer you wait to complete an assignment, the more likely you are to forget. When you stay organized, you can stay on top of your assignments without the stress of last-minute work.

3. Prioritize your tasks

Prioritizing your work allows you to get more pressing matters done sooner. If you have a big project coming up soon, why not break that project down and complete it over multiple days. The same can go for studying. If you have a test coming up soon, don’t wait until a few days out to study; go ahead and prioritize that studying so you can complete it over an extended period of time.

4. Take advantage of Focus Fridays

At the University of Mobile, there are no classes on Fridays. Taking advantage of Focus Fridays is a great way for you to manage your time. Focus Fridays give you the time to prepare for classes, take a trip with friends, volunteer in the community, and grow in your faith. Getting away from the stress is a great way for you to come back prepared and energized to succeed in your classes.

5. Reward yourself when you complete a task

Rewarding yourself whenever you complete even the easiest task can help you get motivated. Whether that be taking a coffee break, watching an episode of your favorite show, or taking a walk around campus, rewards can help you reset your mind and come back energized for the next task. By doing this, you’ll begin to feel pleasure when completing each of your responsibilities.