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What the University of Mobile Has Given Me

Sydney SnowNews, Student Life

The University of Mobile has given me things that I have only ever dreamed of having. UM has given me relationships that will last a lifetime, the career path that I did not know I wanted, and a reason to step out of my bubble.

Being at UM has provided me with some of my best friends and others that will continue with me throughout my life. I have made friends from the next county over, across the country, and even around the world. They are not any ordinary type of friends; they are like family. They push me to be my best self, grow in every aspect of life, and love me for the person that I am. I know the relationships I have built here will last a lifetime — no matter the distance.

When I first came to the University of Mobile, I was convinced I wanted to be an English teacher. I love to write and learn about grammar, so that seemed like an obvious career path to me. After my first semester, I realized that was not the path for me. The faculty at the university opened my eyes to careers I did not know existed. Thanks to my advisor, I found out that communications was the career path I really wanted to take.

I was also given a reason to step out of my shy bubble when I came to UM. I was always very shy and did not feel as if I belonged with any group. After arriving at the University of Mobile, I was put into an environment that was different for me. I grew up in a small town where you knew everyone. Being put into an area of completely different and new people really encouraged me to put myself out there. As a result, I found myself becoming more confident in myself and in my relationships with others.

Thank you, University of Mobile, for giving me a second family and a passion I did not know I had.