When you create an Endowed Scholarship at the University of Mobile, you are establishing a timeless fund that directly supports UMobile students. Establishing an Endowed Scholarship is a unique and memorable way to recognize a loved one or someone who has made a significant difference in your life.

When you establish an Endowed Scholarship, you create a lasting legacy that will reach far into the future.

You may establish an Endowed Scholarship that bears your name, that of a loved one, or someone you wish to honor with a permanent legacy. Endowed Scholarship funds are invested and interest earned is used to provide merit-based and need-based scholarships to University of Mobile.*

An Endowed Scholarship may be established with a minimum tax-deductible donation of $10,000. Your gift may consist of:
Bequest in a Will
Insurance Policy
Retirement Plan
Life Income Plan
Multi-year Pledge

When you establish an Endowed Scholarship, you have an opportunity to provide guidance on how the funds will be used. For example, you may designate that the scholarship benefit students who share your academic or extracurricular interests, are planning to major in a particular field, or are from your geographic region. You may choose to fund a particular school, academic discipline or department. Or, you may direct that preference be given to students based on their merit or their need.**

An Endowed Scholarship may be established through one gift or through the gifts of many. For example, Endowed Scholarships have been established by churches to honor a pastor, by family members to honor a loved one, and by alumni to honor a University of Mobile professor or staff member.

* The University of Mobile makes no guarantee as to the performance of any endowed or invested funds, as many factors beyond the control of the university influence the performance of such funds. As with any investment, there exists a certain amount of risk for loss, which the university cannot predict. Please understand that any losses are attributed to market forces beyond the control of the University of Mobile.
** Based on federal guidelines, the following cannot be used as criteria or preference for awarding scholarships: age, gender, ethnicity.
There is no minimum donation required if you wish to contribute to the University’s current Endowed Scholarships. For example, alumni may wish to contribute to the many scholarships which have been established in honor or memory of former and current professors. The Development Office can provide you with information on these opportunities. Once your contribution is made, a letter acknowledging your donation will be sent to the founder of that Endowed Scholarship.