Who We Are
The Student Government is the voice and governing body of the students. We operate as a constitutional democracy and are composed of 4 elected senators and the President. The purpose of the Student Government is to protect and advance the student interests, as well as promote the welfare of the students by providing student services. We meet every other Wednesday on Zoom at 4:30 p.m. All bi-monthly meetings are open to all students to participate.

What We Do

As the Student Government, we strive to create a better student experience by creating new initiatives, as well as supporting other campus organizations. 

What We’ve Done

Through the years, the Student Government has been able to accomplish a multitude of changes to our school. In 2018, after listening to the voices of our peers about the low quality of the food across campus, we worked together with the previous University President, as well as other faculty members, to make the transition to a new, well-loved dining service.

We also began the annual Club Expo to provide a place for students to learn about the many different clubs that we have to offer.

In 2019, we began the planning phase of our Ignite the Change Initiative. For years, students and faculty have been asking for our great university to become more aware of our effect on the environment. In response, we began to plan for what is now the Ignite the Change Initiative. This Initiative is an environment-first plan that involves distributing recycling bins across campus, first with the Bedsole Commons, and eventually into every building. We also plan to rent a full-size recycling bin that will be emptied every other week. This plan will hopefully be a part of a larger scaled plan to become an environmentally friendly university.