5 Tips for a Fantastic Semester

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Do you ever notice how the stress begins to increase as each professor explains all of the assignments listed in their class syllabus?

As a sophomore at the University of Mobile, I have been through the start of a new semester several times now, and I understand the feeling. I have developed several habits that have helped me to enjoy the beginning of a new year and a new semester.

Here are five tips that will help incoming freshmen create quality habits during their time in college:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep. You do not want to be the student caught dozing during the middle of the lecture.
  2. Eat something before you head to class. Avoid having your stomach growl during the midterm by grabbing a bite to eat at Common Grounds or another one of the various dining options across campus.
  3. Buy the required books on the syllabus. Your professors will be grateful you followed directions, and you will not be clueless during class.
  4. Create time to be active. By walking to class, you are able to enjoy the University of Mobile’s beautiful campus.
  5. Introduce yourself to a new person in each of your classes. Who knows, that person could end up becoming your new best friend when the semester is over.

A new semester provides an open door of possibilities. As a new student, embrace all that the University of Mobile has to offer by putting your best foot forward. Seize each opportunity with an open mind and make the most of your time at college.

About the Author

Molly Grace Watkins

Molly Grace Watkins is a sophomore at the University of Mobile. She is majoring in communication with a minor in music and a certificate of proficiency in theatre. Molly Grace is an intern with UM’s Office for Marketing and Public Relations. She enjoys listening to music, going on long walks and driving her friends around in her blue mini cooper.