5 Ways the University of Mobile Changed My Life 

Claire WoodASOTA, News, Student Life

Stepping onto the campus of the University of Mobile as a senior in high school, I had no idea the countless ways it would impact me in the next four years that followed. On the surface, one can instantly see the Christian values, beautiful campus and close-knit environment that UM provides, but after being a student, those broad ideas have become pieces of my heart. 

Now, as a senior at the University of Mobile, I can look back on my time here and truly see that it is not the place in particular that has changed my life, but rather the people it has brought me. That being said, these are five groups of people who have impacted not only my time at UM, but my life as a whole. 

University Ambassadors


Through working with the University of Mobile Ambassadors, I have not only found a new confidence in leading but have learned from the people I serve with about the importance of leading by example and listening to those I work with. These fellow students have taught me to serve the university with open hands and have pushed me to be the best version of myself, no matter the circumstance. 



My professors and advisors, whether that be in communication classes or music lessons, have not only given me a high-quality education but also have gotten to know me personally. They truly embody the university’s slogan of “Know and Be Known” because, each time I enter their classroom, I know that I am not just a number to them. They have given me wisdom and encouragement in more ways than I could count, building me up on the good days, and supporting me on the days where things were hard. 

Alabama School of the Arts


Being a part of ASOTA has allowed me to be surrounded with people who are not only incredibly gifted but who also have pointed me to Jesus through the expression of God-given gifts. Watching my peers lead others in worship, perform in various shows, or even seeing the behind-the-scenes work inspires me to give whatever my gifts may be back to the Lord to glorify Him. This group of people have helped me grow in humility and open-mindedness while pushing me to my best potential.

University Ministries

Serving on this team has grown me in my walk with Jesus and given me opportunity to share that with those I meet. I have been able to be discipled in a way I have never experienced while also discipling others at the same time. These friends have pushed me toward the Father in service and in truth, and they prayerfully walk alongside me each day. 


My friends and community at UM have been the most intentional friends I have ever had the privilege of knowing. They build me up and encourage me, pray for me, and keep me accountable. They love me in a way that looks like Jesus and, while it is not always perfect, these friends have taught me the true meaning of friendship, pushing me to extend that to others. 

Overall, the University of Mobile is a special place, but the people here are what have changed my life completely. I could not be more grateful that the Lord led me here.