Best Places to Study at UM

Zac DouglasNews, Student Life

Preparing for finals is hard enough without stressing out as to where to study. The atmosphere of your study location can have a huge effect on how much information you remember. Some students like complete quiet, while others like a nice ambiance when looking over their notes. Thankfully, the University of Mobile has multiple options for where you can get away and get to studying.

  1. Common Grounds Coffee Shop

Common Grounds provides a great combination of caffeine and atmosphere. While everyone might not be a coffee junkie, we can all admit that caffeine can help you get over a hump when studying.

  1. Bedsole Commons

The Bedsole Commons can be a great spot for students that need breaks when studying. When you need to get away, you can play some ping pong or pool. You’re also in close proximity to Common Grounds for some much-needed caffeine.

  1. Library Silent Rooms

If you’re the kind of student who needs silence when studying, the library silent rooms might be the best spot for you. You can get out of your room for a change of scenery without compromising your ability to focus.

  1. Dorm Study Rooms

Your dorm may have a dedicated study area with couches, tables or desks. These can be a great way to study without going too far from your room.

  1. Head Outside

The beautiful University of Mobile campus is a great spot to spread out and study. There are patios with tables, trees for your hammock and picnic tables and swings scattered around. Sunlight helps boost serotonin, keeping you calm, positive and focused while studying.