UM Day 2022

Expectations for UM Day

Alexis KnottNews

When I was in high school, everything about college was exciting and overwhelming. So many “what if” questions consumed my mind and made me anxious for the future. I thought, What if I do not like the campus? What if I do not know my purpose? What if I do not make friends?

At the University of Mobile, staff and faculty understand that uncertainties occur and are determined to ease any fears. One way the university helps prospective students answer their questions is through UM Day.

UM Day is when students and families come to the campus and see the university with fresh eyes. They get great information about the school, see classrooms and dormitories, and eat good food. Plus, students who apply then enroll can receive a $2,000 scholarship!

Whether it’s your first UM Day or not, here are some resolutions students will have afterward.

  1. You are going to learn about God. The University of Mobile is a Christ-centered institution. Our goal is not just for students to get an education but to develop a relationship with Christ. Each student is part of the UM family that focuses on higher education for a higher purpose. That higher purpose is knowing God.
  2. You are going to gain a community of people. This was a fear of mine, but I was welcome from the moment I walked on campus. Whether it is a professor or the cafeteria staff, students have people rooting for them. You will never meet an unfriendly face.
  3. You are going to fall in love with the campus. Sun shining or rain pouring, the campus is still beautiful. The 880 acres lets students experience the coziness of nature.

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