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How to Follow Christ in College 

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Most challenges that first-time freshmen face stem from the shock of transitioning from lives under their parents/guardians’ guidance to living with personal freedom and responsibility.

It can be easy to backslide in your faith due to an unestablished walk apart from your parents. 

However, there are many steps you can take to guarantee you firmly establish your walk with the Lord in a new season of life. 

Looking back at my own first semester of college, I realize now that I missed many opportunities to grow in my faith. I learned that though it can be more comfortable to hide out in your room and waste time scrolling on social media, it is so worth it to step out of your comfort zone and make the most of your time at the University of Mobile. Here are some things I recommend:

Spend Time Alone with the Lord 

One hard adjustment to life as a residential student is the lack of alone time. However, if you intentionally choose a specific time throughout your day to devote to the Lord, then you will grow in closeness with Him. 

A person’s spiritual well-being is greatly influenced by their time spent in the Word and in prayer. I know I depend on this time with Him each day. Regularly, I sit outside on the Bedsole Student Commons patio to spend time in the Word and in prayer. This is a sunny place with smiling faces and a beautiful view of the university campus. 

Additionally, I frequently spend time with the Lord while on walks around campus. I have prayed through situations, worshipped and listened to the wise words of heroes in the faith while walking through the beautiful scenery at UM.  

Find a Local Church 

It is important for first-year students to find a local church to get involved in if their home church is too far away. Scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 12:27 establish that the believer is a part of a body and that fellowship with other Christians is beneficial for their spiritual life.

I encourage you to overcome your fears of discomfort and visit churches in the area so that you can find a church family to grow alongside each week. 

During Ram Rush week, the University of Mobile hosts an event called “Church Picnic” to help students find a church home. Much like speed dating, this event helps students to quickly connect with churches in the area and determine where they would like to visit. 

Similarly, Ram Rush groups will attend a local church together so that students can form deeper connections with a church body.  

Find Christ-Centered Community 

Starting at a new school with unfamiliar faces can be intimidating. It can be easy to become a recluse hiding away in your room and miss opportunities to build community. 

With that in mind, you must be intentional about finding a good Christian community to spend your time with. Sometimes it can be as easy as attending a school function or starting a conversation with the person sitting beside you in class. 

Other times, you may reach out to the Campus Pastor to get connected with a community group or discipleship partner. 

The community you establish on campus can be beneficial for accountability, discipleship and just doing life together. The Christ-centered relationships that I have established at the University of Mobile have enabled me to pursue Christ better and continue running the race of Christianity. 

Make the Most of Your Electives 

I recommend using elective opportunities to take Christian Studies courses that will enhance your spiritual life and grow your knowledge of the Lord. The School of Christian Studies seeks to equip each student for answering his/her service calling by cultivating a Heart for God, a Head for Gospel-integrated knowledge, and Hands for serving others. 

Courses such as Old Testament 201 and 211 have given me a passion for the Word of God and the Old Testament in particular. 

Christian Apologetics equipped me to defend my faith in a faithless world. 

Biblical Hebrew taught me the depths of God’s Word and has enhanced my time spent in it. 

Similarly, many other classes have helped strengthen my walk with the Lord in ways that I did not know I lacked before college. I believe that classes can impart wisdom to students so that they can take their faith seriously. 

Get involved in Ministry Events 

There are many ways to get involved at the University of Mobile. The campus ministries team facilitates worship nights called Make Much, which allow students from different churches to come together for a night of fellowship and exposes non-Christians to the Gospel.

There are also monthly prayer walks, where students, faculty, and staff gather to walk the campus in prayer for the university and those associated with it. Fellowship of Christian Athletes can be a great way for Christian athletes to connect with other likeminded believers. 

There are several additional events for you to meet friends, find a local church, and dive deeper into the Word. 

Manage Your Time 

Time management can make or break your college experience. Personally, I find that being on a schedule helps hold me accountable in my walk with Christ and keeps me from wasting precious time. 

I have seen much growth in my prayer life due to the setting of alarms to remind me to pray throughout my day. You can also use a planner, lists of goals for the week, or many other things to keep track of your time. 

Additionally, the university offers a course for all new students to help with the adjustment to college life, which includes time management. Students are given the opportunity to learn practical ways to effectively manage their time, despite their busy schedules. 

Similarly, the Student Success Center provides free resources for students to enhance their time management. I encourage you to use your resources to make the most of your time here at the University of Mobile. 

I believe the college experience can be one of the most fruitful times in your life if you are wholeheartedly pursuing the Lord. 

About the Author

Anna Wiggins

Anna Wiggins is a junior at the University of Mobile pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in both Theology and Communication. She is serving as an intern with UM’s Office for Marketing & Public Relations to broaden her skills in the public relations field. She is a member of the school’s ministry team and serves on UM’s FCA leadership team. Anna first fell in love with the University of Mobile after a tour in the Spring of 2020. Ever since then, the Lord has provided exceedingly and has confirmed that this university is exactly where she is supposed to be. Anna’s time at the university has strengthened her faith, provided her with lifelong friendships, and given her the opportunity to be mentored by intentional and wise professors.