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How to Relieve College Stress

Sydney SnowNews, Student Life

College is one of the best experiences of your life, especially with the friendly community that exists at the University of Mobile. You learn more about yourself, make friends that will last a lifetime, and decide on your career. Although it can be a fun time, there are also times where you can find yourself in a stressful situation. Maybe you have assignments due or also must hold down a job. Stress can be good or bad. Good stress motivates us to push ourselves and try harder to achieve our goals. Bad stress can negatively impact our sleeping patterns, mental state, and so much more. Through my own experiences, I have found a few simple solutions to relieving college stress.

Take deep breaths. The amount of oxygen we have flowing through our body can impact every part of us — our body and mind. In my experience, stress can cause me to take shallow breaths, restricting the amount of oxygen coming into my body. Taking deep breaths in stressful situations allows you to get oxygen back to essential organs and bring a calming presence to your mind.

Take a step back from the situation. In any situation that can cause you stress, take a step back — mentally or physically. Mentally, ask yourself if the situation is worth the stress and worry you are putting on yourself. Physically, move on from what you are doing — if possible, re-group, and address the problem with a clear head.

Spend some time outdoors. There is beauty and serenity in nature. I often find myself using nature to combat stress, worry and/or anxiety. Use the natural beauty that God has created to allow yourself to relax. Fresh air and sunlight are also great for the mind and body. One of the biggest recommendations for stress relief is exercise. In my experience, this is the best form of relief from anxiety, stress, and worry. The exercise you do does not have to be extreme. A brisk walk or jog at the University of Mobile’s beautiful 880 acres campus beneath the live oaks can melt away the stress

Start on assignments as early as possible. Procrastinating assignments can lead to stress. Keeping a steady hold on your assignments and their due dates can take pressure off you. I recommend starting assignments, and finishing them, as soon as possible. You will also have more free time to attend events hosted by the University of Mobile or hang out with friends.

Think of something positive. Focusing on negativity can lead to more stress and panic. To combat negativity, I try to look on the brighter side of the situation or look at the glass as being half full. Being in a positive headspace can be the most relaxing thing for your mind.

Spend time with God. Read your bible. Pray about your worries and concerns. I would recommend simply having a conversation with God about your problems and what is going on in your life. Talking with God about any problem throughout the day is something that you can do aloud, with your thoughts, or even in a journal. Give your worries to God and let Him handle it all.

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Sydney Snow

Sydney Snow is a University of Mobile 2022 graduate with a double major in English and Strategic Communications and a minor in Spanish. During her senior year, Sydney interned with UM’s Office for Marketing and Public Relations. Today, she works at the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission with the Employment and Economic Development Services department. Her focus is on the Senior Community Service Employment Program.