How To Survive Finals

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With finals week finally upon us, you might be thinking to yourself how you’re going to make it through. You have lots of big tests in only a few days, so it’s no wonder most college students get overwhelmed. So, before you load up on coffee and pull an all-nighter, check out these steps to help you survive the dreaded finals week.

  1. Check out the University of Mobile Blogs. There are multiple study tips, tricks, and helpful hints to help you make it through finals week. You don’t even have to go searching for them, some are linked right here!
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  2. Knowing your finals schedule can help you prepare for the week. Know when you have time to give your brain a break, when you need to study hard and make sure you don’t oversleep.
  3. Making a plan for how and when you’re going to study will help you prepare for your finals and be less stressed. Break your studying down into sections so you don’t get bored of one subject, and make sure you cut out some time just to relax.
  4. Fueling your body with healthy foods gives you more energy and helps your brain fire on all cylinders. Stay away from the Cheetos, Pizza Rolls, and donuts and instead try out some nuts, yogurt, or apples and peanut butter.

Make a plan to celebrate after your last final; you deserve it. Go out to eat with some friends, play some disc golf on campus or head to the pool for some much-needed sunshine. Giving yourself something to look forward to after your tests can help get you through this week!

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