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Mental Wellness: Evaluation and Self-Talk

Amber KelleyNews

How can college students be successful in the midst of a world of uncertainty? “Mental Wellness Monday” on the University of Mobile’s Student Success Instagram page can give you some ideas. University of Mobile counselor Mary-Claire Marshall is sharing tips and news you can use each Monday, and we’ll recap her advice here each week. You can find the video on Instagram at @umobilessc.

Here are this week’s Mental Wellness Monday tips:

1. Evaluate how things are going

Have you been sleeping in too late? Staying up too late? Are you watching too much tv? Have you missed out on family time? What do you want to make a priority for yourself in the next few weeks?

Evaluate the things that are working and the things that are not working.

2. Self-talk

The way that we think and talk about the pandemic is important to our mental wellness.

Replace the thought of “I’m trapped inside my house,” with “Now is a good time to reflect, slow down and be myself.”

Replace the thought of, “Isolation is lonely and scary,” with “I can get creative with my social life, I can learn something new about connecting with others.”

Evaluating what’s working and trying to think and talk positively during this time will have an impact on your mental health!