Mental Wellness: Tips for Processing New Information

Amber KelleyNews

How can college students be successful in the midst of a world of uncertainty? “Mental Wellness Monday” on the University of Mobile’s Student Success Instagram page can give you some ideas. University of Mobile counselor Mary-Claire Marshall is sharing tips and news you can use each Monday, and we’ll recap her advice here each week. You can find the video on Instagram at @umobilessc.

This week, Mary-Claire chatted about how to respond to getting new and shocking information.

1. It’s Okay to Grieve. | Some of you are seniors, and you are missing out on some of your most hoped for times. Some of you are missing out on final hours of nursing, teaching and spending time with friends. It’s okay to mourn this loss. It’s okay to be sad. Give yourself some grace.

2. Take Care of Yourself. | Give yourself a little more TLC, eat some chocolate and enjoy some Netflix, just not too much of it! Do some things that will help you cope. Often in crisis we go into a fight or flight response. If you’ve noticed extremes of anxiety, nervous energy, and insomnia or maybe feeling the opposite like flat or drained – that is normal. Do something active, listen to music, write, draw or get in nature to allow yourself a chance to move from that response.

Resources: Headspace and Sanvello are helpful apps that suggest exercises and activities to do!

It’s tough to receive information that changes your life, but with some good resources, community and care – you can make it through.