National Broadway Tour: Addison Garner

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Addison garner

Addison Garner
National Broadway Tour of Hairspray
Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre ’14

Those I encounter know that my faith is what I found my life upon, and when I love on people the way Christ loves us, I am able to shine my light for Him. 

– Addison Garner ’14

Addison Garner has always had a passion for music and dance. She fell in love with theatre when she was 10 years old and debuted as Little Orphan Annie in the musical Annie.

She pursued her passion at the University of Mobile. As a student in the Alabama School of the Arts, Addison took full advantage of the many opportunities to expand her talents. From representing the Christ-centered university as Miss University of Mobile to acting on stage in ASOTA productions and singing with Voices of Mobile, Addison added to her skillset with additional training in ballet, jazz, tap and music theory. 

Now, this 2014 University of Mobile graduate lives in New York City and performs across the United States as Velma Von Tussle on the national Broadway tour of Hairspray

“What I love most about my job is that I get to tell a story every day that changes people’s lives. Being onstage is always where I have always felt most at home, and I feel so very blessed that I get to wake up and live my dream daily,” Addison says.

Q. What have you been up to since graduating from UM? 


A. I have performed all over the country at various regional theaters such as Virginia Samford Theater, Sharon Playhouse, Red Mountain Theater, and Theater by the Sea as well as traveled the high seas in the inaugural cast of Hairspray on RCCL Symphony of the Seas and the Norwegian Star. My theater teacher in high school, Revel Gholston, is a huge part of my success and someone I give a lot of my career credit to, as well as my professors at UM. 

Q. What is a typical day like? 

A. Crazy! Tour life is wild. Every week I am in a new city across the country where I am responsible for showing up every night at the theater Tuesdays through Sundays. Mondays are our off days, but we typically spend them traveling to each new venue. I start my day with a local cup of coffee, a run and my quiet time. Then I am able to sightsee, rest up and teach voice lessons before heading to the “office” (the theater) each night. 


Q. With such a busy schedule, how do you recharge?

A. When not on the stage, to fuel my creative side, I find baking to be very therapeutic. I also really enjoy pretty things, sweets and all things cheese, so I decided to create my own charcuterie and cookie business, “Little Happies.” Growing up, my mom would always send us treats in the mail when off at camps or away at school, or we’d often come home to find goodies on our beds. She would call them “little happies.” I thought this to be the perfect name for my small business. 

Q. What is something are you passionate about?

A. Changing lives through the relationships I am fortunate enough to cultivate is something I am very passionate about in my profession. Being in a field where I am constantly surrounded by new and lost people, I really try to take the time to love on people and create solid relationships where I am then able to have Christ lead conversations that I hope and pray will change their lives. Those I encounter know that my faith is what I found my life upon, and when I love on people the way Christ loves us, I am able to shine my light for Him. 

Q. How can we follow your career?

A. You can see some of my work on my website, Better yet, check out our schedule of performances at and enjoy the show!

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