New Investment Group Teaches UM Students Investment Strategies

New Investment Group Teaches UM Students Investment Strategies

Kaitlyn HamiltonBusiness, News

A new investment group in the Grace Pilot School of Business gives students, faculty and staff at the University of Mobile a fun learning environment that helps members better understand the process of investing in the stock market.

The Investment Group is led by Dr. Kathy Dunning, dean of the Grace Pilot School of Business. Currently, 16 students plus faculty and staff meet on alternating weeks to discuss trends in the market and evaluate how current investments are either healthy or are dropping in value.

Each member starts with an imaginary $10,000 to invest. Members use a website called StockTrak that allows them to “invest” their imaginary funds in real companies  they then follow on the actual stock market. StockTrak compares information on economics and the market, showing the change in stock prices, value and volume.

Through group discussions facilitated by Dunning, members track and evaluate their investments. They discuss which companies are successful in stock price appreciation and whether it would be better to drop a company or hold out, hoping the market will change and the value will increase again.

Shaila Gupte is one of the student members currently in The Investment Group. With the knowledge she has gained, Shaila says her next step is to actually invest real money in the stock market.

“These meetings with Professor Dunning are very interesting and help me to know what exactly to look at before investing in a stock,” Shaila says. She encourages other UM students, faculty and staff to join The Investment Group, which welcomes new members throughout the year.

For more information about The Investment Group and academic programs in the Grace Pilot School of Business, visit or contact Dunning at