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Practical Mathematics: Noah Whittington

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Noah Whittington

Noah Whittington
Financial Controller, Altaworx
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics ’20

The University of Mobile was a great springboard into my career. I learned all the tools I needed to get started, and many professors offered advice and helped me make professional connections. I even got started in my career through networking at a UM event.
-Noah Whittington ’20

Inspired by University of Mobile mathematics professor Troy Henderson who teaches by applying mathematics to real-life problems, Noah Whittington wanted to solve real-life problems using his skills in mathematics and analytics.

“That led me to finance and accounting. From my first finance class, the concepts clicked,” said Whittington, who graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics through the College of Arts and Sciences.

An avid golfer who started swinging a club as a toddler, Whittington earned a golf scholarship to the Christ-centered university with one of the largest athletic programs in the NAIA.

Now, as financial controller at the telecom company Altaworx, he has recovered thousands of dollars in billing disputes, led the transition to a new company retirement plan, and manages compliance with local and federal telecom regulations.

“I joke about looking at spreadsheets all day, but it’s so much more than that. I love getting to see both the macro and micro aspects of the business. As my boss says, what really makes a difference is working ON the business, not just working IN the business,” Whittington said.

Q. How did your UM experience impact your life?

A. You feel like you belong when at UM. Christ is what unites so many of us on campus, and that creates an atmosphere not often replicated. For me, that enabled me to learn, grow, and be challenged in many areas of my life.

Q. What is a typical workday like?

A. Working in a small business, I wear many hats, which provides a great boost for whatever my career holds in the future. I handle accounts payable, which includes managing invoices and ensuring vendors bill us properly. I also oversee payroll, employee benefits, and local and federal telecom compliance. There are duties that I attend to every day, but it’s the opportunities to grow that make the job rewarding. That’s one of the great things about Altaworx; I am consistently challenged to learn more.

Q. What do you love about studying mathematics?

A. Math is a beautiful thing. It brings clarity to everyday problems. It teaches one how to think through several steps at a time, enabling one to analyze the cause and effect of different scenarios. Studying math definitely prepared me to find my passion for finance and to thrive in the business world.