Preparing Students to Bring Christ into their Profession

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Many people go to work without ever considering the impact they could have on other people. Every day they’re surrounded by unbelievers who need to know the gospel. The workplace is a great mission field, and the University of Mobile strives to prepare students to enter their career with a missional mindset.

The University of Mobile motto, “Higher Education for a Higher Purpose,” rings true in the teaching at UM. The goal is to provide students the best education possible while also helping them find what God has called them to do. Each class equips students to be successful in their career path while also learning how Christ is there in whatever field of study the student chooses.

The university’s Great Commission Tradition encourages students to share their faith in their future careers. When students come to campus, they touch the Great Commission Globe during President’s Commissioning, symbolizing that they are opening their mind and heart to intellectual and spiritual development. When students graduate, they touch the globe again, symbolizing that they are being sent into the world to fulfill their professional and spiritual callings.

Mentoring from professors is also a great way for students to be prepared to enter their mission field. With the smaller class sizes of UM, professors work to build relationships with students. Professors have experience in their field of study and can help students understand what their profession will look like, and how they can share the gospel in it.

People don’t have to go on a mission trip or be a pastor to share the gospel. The workplace is a great mission field that isn’t utilized enough. The University of Mobile works to make sure students are equipped to enter their profession and ready to share the gospel with unbelievers that they are working with.

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