Project Serve Brings People Together

Tucker HillNews, Student Life

This was my 3rd year being a part of Project Serve at the University of Mobile. For the past three years, I was in a group that went to an elementary school to serve kids in the classroom or during gym class. This year was different. I was a part of the School of Business group that went to the Mobile Tennis Complex where we helped clean tents and move gravel.

Although cleaning tennis courts and moving gravel does not sound exciting upon first hearing about it, I knew there was a bigger purpose behind it.

Project Serve isn’t just about going out into the community to do a simple project and leave; it’s about serving people and areas of Mobile and spreading the love of Christ. Additionally, it allows us to meet and build relationships with classmates and serve alongside them.

The groups that go to schools, that I have thankfully had the chance to be a part of for the past three years, have a great opportunity to spend time with the next generations — teaching them some fun tips and tricks or helping them with math homework. But most importantly, we have the opportunity to show them the love of Christ.

When you’re out serving in the community, with friends or someone you just met, it brings a type of joy that is simply indescribable. While serving with a friend of mine from the School of Business that I’ve known for a couple years, we met a new guy who showed up to serve for the first time. We began working together like all of us had known each other for years. Serving truly does bring people together.

Project Serve is much more than just doing a simple project; it’s about loving the community. And I was blessed to be part of it this year and hope every student at the University of Mobile gets to experience it one day.