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Thanks UM – Abby McCully

Abby McCullyNews

Editors Note: Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks to everyone and everything that has changed your life. The University of Mobile has multiple factors that impact students’ lives inside and outside of their college experience. Thanks UM is a way for students to show their gratitude to other students, faculty/staff, donors and all other factors that shape their college experience and provide opportunities beyond UM.

I am so thankful for what UM has done for me over these last four years. I have been blessed by my peers and professors who have been willing to pour into my life and want to see me succeed. I really can’t thank them enough.

UM is great at facilitating relationships between students and with faculty and staff. I have built friendships and relationships that I know will continue to have an impact past my four years here. Students have connected me to professors and administrators who have introduced me to employers and helped me find internship opportunities.

Another thing I’m so grateful for is the small class sizes that let me have one-on-one time with professors. The professors here are willing to take time and help me plan for the future, and they are genuinely interested in my goals and try to help me achieve them in any way that I can.

After I graduate, a lot of things about UM will stick with me. More than anything, I will remember how much the support of my professors and administrators has meant to me. Knowing that they believe in me encourages me to stay motivated and work to accomplish my professional goals.