Tips to grow your faith in college

Zac DouglasNews, Student Life

College is an important time in a young Christian’s life. With the extra free time and less supervision, students choose whether they want to keep growing their faith or not. Here are a few ways the University of Mobile has for students to dive deeper into their relationship with God and really make their faith their own.

Student-Led Community Groups | The University of Mobile encourages each student to join a student-led community group. These groups allow students to interact with others who are having the same experiences and struggles as they are. They also allow students to dive deeper into the Word of God with their community group leader.

Chapel | The University of Mobile requires each student to complete a certain number of hours of Chapel to graduate. This allows students to hear from alumni and pastors from all around the globe. Although Chapel shouldn’t replace the local church for students, it provides them a chance to step away from classes and focus solely on God during that time.

Equip Nights | Equip Nights are lecture-style events that are hosted by experts in a specific field. These nights allow students to worship together while being taught on certain topics that are significant to the Christian faith. Students can learn about upcoming Equip Nights through the The Rundown, UM’s weekly student newsletter, or by contacting the Student Life Office.

Young Christians need community with other believers who can help them grow in their relationship with God. The University of Mobile works to build relational, gospel-centered community on campus through each of these events and much more. For more information on the ways the University of Mobile encourages students to grow in their faith, visit