Why I Chose UM: Sage’s Story

Sage McKennaAthletics, News

A desire to gain access to a more personalized education is what drove me to pursue an education at the University of Mobile. 

I had spent my freshman year of college at a four-year school that was relatively close to home, where the course load was a challenge as a student fresh out of high school. I decided that community college may be a more comfortable option for both my basketball career and my education. While I found this to be the truth, I also found myself missing the individual relationships I was able to build with my professors at my previous institution, as well as the excitement of the challenge that came with my coursework. 

An opportunity came up for me to transfer to the University of Mobile and play with several of my teammates from high school, while also gaining access once more to the small college experience I had found myself desiring. 

I jumped at the opportunity, and along the way I have been able to cultivate strong relationships with all my professors. I find myself being challenged by the topics discussed in class, which has propelled me to expand my horizons and improve my habits to match the level of productivity required to succeed at a higher level than I thought possible. 

As an athlete on campus, I found myself in the majority, rather than the minority. The student body is very supportive of every sport, which makes for a very lively home atmosphere. The community of students is eager to help one another as they all move closer toward their goals as a group and as individuals. 

I have found a strong sense of family at the University of mobile, which has been complimented by the proximity of the school in relation to my actual family. 

I am months away from graduating through the 5-year MBA program with both a Bachelor of Accounting and a Master of Business Administration, and I have been fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of business and leadership topics in our business department. The experiences from my time at the University of Mobile, both academic and athletic, will provide me with the intellectual and physical capabilities I require to achieve my goal of becoming a United States Army Green Beret.