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I have worked in the finance industry for a couple of years and was called to do something different – a calling to help people and make a little difference in the world. For me, that meant a career shift to the nursing field.

Choosing the University of Mobile for my nursing degree was easy. I was already a graduate student in the School of Business, working on my Master of Business Administration, when I applied to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

I love UM for the mere fact that the professors want you to succeed. The classroom size is very personable, and you are not just a number. All of my professors know me by name and are always willing to work with me and help me in any way possible.

The reason why I wanted to go into the nursing field is that I wanted to help the people who could not help themselves, especially medically. After a friend invited me to go on a medical mission trip (with no medical experience), the nurses and doctors on the trip took me under their wings, showing me things that I have never seen before. I was hooked; I went once and found myself going back on the same trip six months later, then again six months later. After working with people on these mission trips, I knew that the medical field was for me. At this point, I knew nursing was what I was meant to do. I applied to the ABSN program at UM, and the rest was history.

About the Author

Sonny Le

Nguyen 'Sonny' Le is in the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University of Mobile. Sonny followed a calling to the nursing field, changed majors, and is well on the way to a career helping people in the medical field. When taking a study break, you’ll find Sonny hanging with friends, watching movies, playing golf, tennis and some video games. Nevertheless, his heart is really into traveling and medical missions.