How to Survive/Thrive Your First Semester of College

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The first semester of college is tough for most students. In general, they don’t manage their time well, study correctly, and have a tendency to focus on their social life before their schoolwork. But focusing on the right things and knowing how to study can help students not only survive their first semester, but set them up for success through the rest of their college career.

Choosing a college with small classes and a low student-to-faculty ratio can be the difference between simply surviving and actually thriving at college. The University of Mobile has a 14:1 student faculty ratio. That means small classes, which gives students the chance to get to know their professors. Building relationships with professors helps students know exactly what is needed in their class. Relationships with professors also give students a chance to learn what life within their chosen career will be like, and build connections with faculty who know their students and can assist in finding jobs and internships.

Learning how to manage your time correctly is a crucial part of college. If students spend too much time on their social life, their schoolwork with suffer, and vice versa. Students need to find the middle ground where they spend enough time on schoolwork to succeed, but also spend time on their social life so they can enjoy college. The University of Mobile’s Freshman Seminar is a course designed to assist freshmen in their transition from high school to college that discusses time management and other skills necessary to succeed.

Studying for college can be much harder on students than studying for high school. College classes require more work than what most incoming students are used to. Finding the right study habits is essential to succeeding in their classes. The University of Mobile Student Success Center offers free help for UM students, including academic coaching and tutoring.

The first semester can be hard, but the most important thing for students to do is not give up. If students put their time and effort into their priorities, they can thrive their first semester, and set themselves up for success for the future.

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