When You’re at College and Missing Home

Zac DouglasNews, Student Life

Missing home during college is a very normal thing for students. It can make students feel disconnected and struggle with their college experience. Luckily, the University of Mobile offers multiple ways for students to feel at home while at college.

Calling your parents is a great way for you to feel connected when you’re missing home. Sometimes hearing a parent’s voice can be just enough to make that homesickness go away. The more you stay in touch with your parents and friends, the more you will enjoy your time in college.

Decorating your dorm room can be a great way to make you feel at home. Being surrounded with sentimental items can make students feel connected in a new place. Pictures from their room at home help students feel a personal relationship with the dorms and enjoy their new location.

Getting involved in campus life helps students build friendships with other students. When students have friends surrounding them, they begin to associate their university with their home. If you would like more information on student activities and events at the University of Mobile, please visit umobile.edu/student-life.

Finding a local church is another great way to combat the feeling of homesickness. The University of Mobile offers multiple ways for students to find a church when they come to college. The local church helps students get connected and build relationships with older members who can mentor them. Local churches also offer college groups so students can build friendships with members who are the same age and going through the same struggles.

The University of Mobile has multiple ways for students to feel connected to home when they’re in college. UM helps students grow in their faith and grow closer to their Heavenly Father while they’re away. If you would like more information on how to get involved on campus or find a church, please visit umobile.edu/student-life.