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Why You Should Tour UM

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The University of Mobile tour experience is unlike any other university. UM goes out of its way to make sure prospective students know what it’s like to come to school here and have all the knowledge they need to make their college decision. (Not to mention you get a $2,000 scholarship just for visiting when you enroll!)

Unlike many other universities, UM dedicates a specific admissions counselor for your visit. These admissions counselors are UM graduates and are passionate about the school. This offers prospective students a personalized and private tour giving insight into what UM stands for and how it’s different from other universities.

Your admissions counselor is also here to show you what student life is like at UM. They’re able to let you sit in on a class and meet a professor in the field of study you’re interested in.

“Helping you understand what your college experience will be like here at UM is my favorite part of the job,” says Billy Musgrove, an admissions counselor at UM. “I give each student that I tour my personal cell phone number, and I like building relationships with them. If you want to know what it’s like to be a student, I’m happy to get tickets for a baseball game for you. I also enjoy getting to connect potential students with current students and letting them stay a weekend in the dorms to really get what it’s like to be a UM student.”

Touring the University of Mobile also allows you to save some money. During your tour you’re able to fill out a free application, and each student gets a $2,000 scholarship. If you’re unable to make it to campus, UM also offers one-on-one virtual tours through Zoom.

If you would like more information on how to tour the University of Mobile, please visit umobile.edu/visit or call 251.442.2222.

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