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Army Chaplain Corps: Jim Fisher

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Jim Fisher

Lt. Col. Jim Fisher, Ph.D. 
Board Certified Chaplain
Chief, Strategic Initiatives 
U.S. Army Chaplain Corps
Bachelor of Science in Religion ’94

The University of Mobile was essential in providing ministry academia preparation and practical experiences. The professors were seasoned in ministry and shared real-world wisdom. They spurred us on to godliness and seminary preparation.
-Jim Fisher ’94

An Army Chaplain is a first responder – called to care for soldiers, their families and Army civilians in a variety of circumstances ranging from times of peace to periods of conflict. For Lt. Col. Jim Fisher, the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps is the mission field where he is called to serve God and country, through the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

The University of Mobile graduate is in a unique position to make a positive impact on the spiritual readiness of the men and women who lay their lives on the line each day to keep Americans safe and secure. 

After years of concurrent pastoring and reserve Air Force chaplaincy, Fisher entered the Army Chaplain Corps on active duty in 2007, including assignments with Army Watercraft, Military Intelligence (Afghanistan), Sustainment, the Chaplain School and Network Enterprise Technology.    

He is a senior leader in the Chief of Chaplains Office, having served as deputy chief for strategic initiatives and research and development chief. As the lead collaborator in New York City, Fisher identifies strategic religious support needs for the Department of the Army, develops partnerships, and implements initiatives and pilot programs, among other areas of leadership.

“My primary work over the last few years has focused upon reaching the 18–25 age group in the Army with spiritual conversations and connectivity. The Army places a high priority on spiritual readiness, as it is one of the five pillars of holistic health,” said Fisher. 

Now, as a U.S. Army War College Fellow, he is one of only two high-ranking officers in a prestigious year-long research program at Columbia University in New York City. His work focuses on building a holistic Senior Leader Care Program for the Army. He returns to strategic initiatives as chief in June 2023. 

Foundation for Ministry

The foundation for his ministry was laid at the University of Mobile, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Religion (now called a Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry). He then earned a Master of Divinity from Midwestern Seminary and a Doctor of Philosophy in leadership from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has taught adjunctively at three colleges and two seminaries.

Army Chaplain Corps: Jim Fisher

“The University of Mobile was essential in providing ministry academia preparation and practical experiences. The professors were seasoned in ministry and shared real-world wisdom. They spurred us on to godliness and seminary preparation,” Fisher said. His own pursuit of a Ph.D. was fueled by many hours of conversing with his professors, long after he had graduated from UM.

“I am grateful for these ministry mentors and spiritual giants. They all provided individual attention, exemplifying the call of shepherding. I pray that their investment in me has proven their calling to teach and that I have shared their wisdom with my own parishioners and students,” he said.

Calling and Integrity

Relationships built during the college years with students, staff and faculty are important for the future – you will need each other in the various seasons of life, he added.“The stable and reliable foundation of UM will be a stronghold of calling and integrity for the rest of life. Honor it, protect it, and cherish it. One day, you may well send your children. Two of our three are UM grads!”