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Dr. Doug Wilson
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Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry is designed to provide a theological framework with practical ministry skills for those who sense God’s call on their lives to minister in church settings, as well as in parachurch, non-profit agencies, businesses, and other professional and community settings. The curriculum includes theological courses as well as courses in practical ministry/leadership skills, and business courses in management leadership and group behavior theories.

Online classes are offered in convenient 8-week sessions designed specifically for nontraditional students. This class structure allows you to continue with your family and work schedule while advancing your career.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 199 Spiritual Disciplines 3
CST 201 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
CST 202 Introduction to the New Testament 3
CST 303 Intercultural Foundations 3
CST 110 Introduction to Christian Worldview 3
CST 317 Biblical Interpretation 3
CST 321 Mission and Message of Jesus 3
CST 331 Christian Theology 3
CST 332 Christian Apologetics 3
CST 409 Global Disciple-Making 3
Total: 30
Ministry Counseling Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 407 Ministry Counseling 1: The Chaplain 3
CST 408 Ministry Counseling 2: Chaplaincy Training 3
Total: 6
Leadership Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CST 399 Ministry Leadership 3
CST 403 Intercultural Leadership 3
BBA 321 Principles of Management 3
BBA 333 Leadership in Organizations 3
BBA 401 Organizational Behavior and Human Relations 3
BBA 426 Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics 3
Total: 18