#MyWhy — Bauyrzhan

Noah WaltersNews

My wife and two sons came with me to the University of Mobile from Kazakhstan, so I could pursue a college education. I plan to get a Master of Business Administration, along with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and management. Coming to the U.S. has already made a huge impact on my life, as I have an opportunity to see and explore the world. My experience at UM has taught me a lot about businesses and practical applications. UM has helped me deepened my knowledge and given me insight on how corporations operate and how management decisions influence industries. I love the people at UM – the friendly environment and the opportunity to talk to professors that are willing to share their time and knowledge, really helps me feel welcomed.  While I am still in school, I am positive that the education and experiences I have received at the University of Mobile will broaden my vision and contribute to my future endeavors.