Meet My Mentor: Lawrencine Mason

Martionna SalinasNews

There is a superwoman that I know here at the University of Mobile, and her presence has made such an impact on my life.

Lawrencine Mason is director of Career Services in the Student Success Center at the University of Mobile. She manages and directs all responsibilities directly related to career-oriented services, including the responsibilities of student leaders and work-study, intern students and upcoming graduates. 

Mrs. Mason is not only my boss, but she is a very understanding mentor to me. Although I have known her for only a year, I am glad that she is a part of my college journey. 

When I met her in the Spring semester of 2022, it was when I was interviewing for a part-time job as a career coach. Career coaches are student workers who assist in the career services department. We started talking and instantly connected. I didn’t know we would be as close as we are now because I didn’t know that I was going to get the job. I am so grateful that I did get the job! 

I quickly learned that Mrs. Mason has a strong desire to get to know students and work with them to help in their career preparation. She is the most kind, caring and sweetest lady ever! She always makes time for a joke or two to keep the mood going for everyone else around her. She makes sure that everyone is doing well. She even attended the Miss UM pageant that I competed in, which shows that she is big on being supportive. 

As a first-generation college student to graduate in my family, I really appreciate the support. One of the things that has been a support on my journey is the RamLegacy meetings when different people who have graduated from UM take the opportunity to tell their stories to us as encouragement. The RamLegacy pinning for seniors was a bittersweet moment. My mom attended as well as Mrs. Mason. At the pinning ceremony, seniors received flowers as a token of love from the RamLegacy director Mrs. Barbara Brousseau, associate professor of French. 

To be the first person in your family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree is such a blessing and inspiration. It means so much to me to have mentors to support me throughout their busy schedules. 

Not only does Mrs. Mason work here at UM, but she also graduated from UM. She told me, “I loved it here. It made me feel like I was at home, accepted and that I belonged here.” 

With a mentor like Mrs. Mason, you can experience the feeling of being at home, accepted and that you belong here at the University of Mobile.