60 Things We Love About the University of Mobile (Part 3)

Avery WilhiteNews

This is Part 3 of our series about what students, faculty, staff, and alumni love about the University of Mobile as part of our 60th Anniversary celebration.

If you missed Part 1 or 2, check it out at https://umobile.edu/news/60-things-we-love-about-the-university-of-mobile-part-1/ and https://umobile.edu/news/60-things-we-love-about-the-university-of-mobile-part-2/

Here are more things to love about UM:

  1. Ram Rush to welcome new students to UM and help them make friends https://umobile.edu/student-life/ram-rush/
  2. Our Dorms that have been ranked #1 Best College Dorms in Alabama, Top 20 in the Nation
  3. The foundation of scripture in everything we do https://umobile.edu/mission/
  4. Diverse student body from 34 States and 23 Nations
  5. Intramurals sports for recreational students https://umobile.edu/student-life/recreation-and-wellness/
  6. The CliftonStrengths test in our Freshman Seminar class https://umobile.edu/news/celebrate-strengths/
  7. Opportunities to travel with music ensembles, youth hostel missions, and urban mission trips https://umobile.edu/student-life/university-ministries/
    • Karen Vanoy said her favorite memory at UM is, “Class of 1992 Singing in Notre Dame with the touring choir and any trip with Dr. B!”
  8. Chapel to help students grow in their walk with Christ
  9. Our financial aid department goes the extra mile to help students https://umobile.edu/financial-aid/
  10. Student work-study positions that give students experience to build their resumé
  11. The community of fellow students and faculty that pray for each other
  12. Many local churches in the Mobile where students worship and serve
  13. Homecoming to celebrate UM’s unique story with over 14,000 alumni throughout the world https://umobile.edu/homecoming/
  14. Center for Excellence in Healthcare Practice https://umobile.edu/academics/college-of-health-professions/center-of-excellence-in-healthcare-practice/
  15. Graduation Ceremony on the Great Commission Lawn
  16. Location an hour from the beach and 12 minutes from downtown Mobile https://www.mobile.org/
  17. All-Steinway School with Steinway & Sons Teacher Hall of Fame professor of music https://umobile.edu/news/university-of-mobile-professor-of-music-kadisha-onalbayeva-inducted-into-steinway-sons-teacher-hall-of-fame/
  18. Our Crawfish Boil that brings the UM community together with MMI Dining’s seasoned crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, and much more
  19. Campus-wide speaker system that plays uplifting Christian music every day
  20. The student section at athletic games