Disability Support Services will work collaboratively with you as you develop independence and self-advocacy, as well as create your network of resources. Disability Support Services will provide honest and supportive feedback to you throughout your journey at the university. It starts with assisting you in the transition to university life, which may require relinquishing preconceived ideas about learning, academic pursuits and accommodations. You will learn to navigate the multiple complex systems within the campus community and serve as your own disability advocate. The more you invest, the more you will gain.

Temporary Disabilities:
University of Mobile students may request temporary accommodations for short-term disabilities.  Students with temporary disabilities may need access to services and resources similar to individuals with permanent disabilities. Temporary disabilities may include broken bones, temporary conditions caused by surgery, concussions, and other conditions that may affect academic and campus life.

Documentation Requirements:
To receive accommodations for a temporary disability, students are asked to provide documentation from the appropriate, licensed provider of care for the temporary condition. The student must submit the documentation to the Student Support Services Office indicating:
• The type of disability
• Severity
• Limitations
• Prognosis
• Estimated duration of the disabling condition
• Adverse side effects caused by medications
• Recommended accommodations

The documentation should be recent enough to identify current limitations. Prescriptions written on a prescription pad are not accepted as appropriate documentation. Additional documentation may be requested to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired. Once documentation has been received and approved, the student will receive notification from the Student Support Services Coordinator to discuss the accommodation process. Academic accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Electronically submit your request at https://www.123contactform.com/form-2826720/

In all cases of temporary disability, the student should remain in close contact with their professors and primary academic advisor.

Student Support Services does not provide assistance with transportation around campus.

Disability Support Forms

First request for accommodations, please complete the Long Form.
Students previously registered for services at UM, please complete the Short Form.