Careers in criminology fields are essential, and employment opportunities continue to expand. The degree is an excellent foundation for law school and graduate programs.

Dr. Julie Biskner
Associate Professor of Government and Law and Criminology,
Program Coordinator, Criminology
Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Criminology

Understanding criminal behavior and how the community and government responds to it is extremely relevant today. Criminology is the study of the nature of crime, combining principles of psychology, law, sociology, political science and forensic science. Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Criminology at the University of Mobile will learn about crime patterns in the U.S., the criminal justice system, and why people commit crimes.

Some characteristics of professionals in the field of criminology include critical thinking and problem-solving skills, strong communication, ethics and honesty, attention to detail and the ability to conduct research using technology.

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 - Understand the consequences of crime and the vast government criminal justice system
- Improve oral presentation skills during classroom mock trials, moot courts, and other activities
- Experiential learning from class field trips (courts, community events, etc.), and meeting professionals in the field during guest lectures (police, attorneys, counselors, etc.)


Law Enforcement
Program/Crime Analyst
Child/Victim Advocate
Law School or Graduate Programs
Weaver Hall and Globe
“A career in criminology allows you to make a difference in the world and give back to your community, whether it’s shaping crime policy, working in law enforcement, or helping offenders turn their lives around.”

Julie Biskner, PhD
Program Coordinator, Criminology
Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
College of Arts & Sciences

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