The Pre-Health Biology program is specifically designed for students interested in attending various medical professional schools after graduation from the University of Mobile.  
Ashley Lindsey

Dr. Ashley Lindsey
Assistant Professor of Biology

Bachelor of Science in Pre-Health Biology

The Pre-Health concentration program includes the prerequisite courses for medical, veterinary, dental, pharmacy and physical therapy schools. This program goes beyond the minimum requirements to ensure that students are prepared for the rigors of a professional program. Courses within the curriculum include general biology, anatomy and physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, psychology, sociology, statistics and numerous elective course offerings.

Health care occupations are projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, adding more jobs than any other occupational group.

Some characteristics of professionals in medical fields include strategic thinking and problem solving, attention to detail, a strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, flexibility and ability to work well under pressure.

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 - Preparation for pre-professional entrance exams to professional schools
- Human Gross Anatomy in cadaver lab
- Small classes with personalized instruction


Doctor of Medicine
Veterinary Medicine
Research Assistant
Ashley Lindsey
“Our program at UM offers unique opportunities for those interested in the health care professions, including unique educational opportunities in human gross anatomy for undergraduate students.”

Dr. Ashley Lindsey
Assistant Professor of Biology

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