Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Nathan Collier

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Admissions counselors at the University of Mobile work with students to make sure they have the college experience they’ve been looking for. Admissions counselors offer private visits, application help, scholarship advice and a friendship that will last. Graduating from UM themselves, admissions counselors bring knowledge and experience to prospective students on how the University of Mobile makes sure that you are truly known.

We asked UM admissions counselor Nathan Collier about his time at UM and why he wants to help other students find their perfect university.

Q. What drew you to UM as a prospective student?

A. My story was less than traditional when it came to my arriving at the University of Mobile. My first two collegiate years were spent at a community college before my hunt for the perfect university began. I sent out several applications, not wanting to settle, before agreeing to drive down to the coast for a tour of the University of Mobile. The quaint, natural beauty of UM’s campus captivated me as soon as I pulled onto campus. I would go on to meet with my admissions counselors and various faculty members within my potential area of study – they were all more than happy to meet with me and answer each and every question that I had. The most defining moment of my decision-making process was when a faculty member, at the end of our meeting, asked to pray for me and my decision. It was in this moment that I knew, without a doubt, that UM was where I needed to be.

Q. What is your favorite part of UM?

A. My favorite quality of the University of Mobile would have to be the community. While I feel that “community” is often an overused term, it is lived out to the truest definition on UM’s campus. With only around 1,700 students and an average class size of 13 students, you feel as if you know almost everyone after being there for a few months. UM’s community aspect allowed me to make lifelong friends while also building legitimate friendships with many of my professors.

 Q. What is one of your favorite stories as an admissions counselor?

A. I love getting to know potential students who have a true desire to attend UM and helping them to make that a reality. I recently had a student from California that was interested in studying Music. While the thought of moving so far from home brought about some hesitancy, she decided to fly out with her family to tour the school. Within the first 15 minutes of her campus tour, the entire family fell in love.

 Q. What would you tell prospective students?

A. I always want to encourage my students to be honest with me through open communication. If you truly want to attend UM, let me know what I can do to help make that a reality. As an admissions counselor, I am here to help you, and I want to do just that.