Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Nick Hampton

Zac DouglasBusiness, Christian Studies, Education, Health, Sciences, Student Life

“My time as a student was impacted most by the people at the University of Mobile. I know that’s what made my experience worth it, and I want to be a part of making that experience possible for future students,” says Nick Hampton, an admissions counselor at the University of Mobile.

Nick graduated from UM in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in theology. Throughout high school, he never felt like he fit into the culture, but when he visited the University of Mobile, he knew this was a place that he could fit.

While Nick was at UM, he was heavily involved on campus with the student life team, and he says that time was life-changing. His senior year, Nick was able to take part in Youth Hostel Missions, a semester-long discipleship opportunity that culminates in a 3-week backpacking trip throughout Europe. After the experience of sharing the gospel and building relationships with those around the globe, he wanted to have the same opportunities at home, which led him to becoming an enrollment counselor.

“In a typical year, I work with hundreds of students, but I always end up building deep connections with those that really want to attend. One example of this is Molly Grace Watkins. Molly already knew that she wanted to attend UM, and I was able to build a relationship with her and her family. She attended Scholars Weekend and wound up winning a full-tuition scholarship. My wife and I, along with her parents, were able to show up to her high school to surprise her with the award letter. She was always going to be a Ram since she first stepped foot on campus, but that exciting moment solidified everything,” says Nick.

Nick says that while looking for a university to attend, make sure you visit as many schools as possible, to find the place that feels like home.

“Sometimes, you may find your fit at a place you weren’t expecting – don’t be afraid to give that school a try. Being here at the University of Mobile and genuinely connecting with the people who make this campus what it is may show you what students like Molly Grace and I felt when we first visited.”