Kathi Reeves

Q&A with UM School of Education Associate Dean Kathi Reeves

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The relationship between students and faculty sets the University of Mobile apart from many other universities and colleges. Faculty members in the School of Education at UM collaborate and discuss ways to better prepare students for the future, says Dr. Katherine Reeves, associate dean of the School of Education.

“We can learn about each other in a Christian environment and build amazing relationships,” said Reeves. “We truly are a family.”

We asked Reeves about the value of building relationships and where we can find her outside of the classroom.

Q: You have taught at UM since 2014. What is your background?

A: Prior to joining UM full time, I was an adjunct professor for 2 years. I first began my education profession in 1988 as an elementary classroom teacher in the Mobile County Public School System. I taught first and third grade for 11 years. I became an assistant principal and principal in the MCPSS. I was an administrator for 16 years. When an opportunity became available at UM, I decided to retire from the school system and teach here.

Q: Your dissertation was about a new teacher-mentor program. What drew your interest to that area of study?

A: My dissertation is titled “An Intervention Plan for a New Teacher-Mentor Program.” As a teacher and administrator, I saw how invaluable it was for new teachers to have a very knowledgeable mentor. The interesting part is that I now have that experience and can instill the importance of a strong mentor to our student teachers as they complete their field experiences.

Q: What do you like most about UM? 

A: Faculty members in the School of Education value each other’s opinion and share a commitment to our students’ growth. Students at UM are amazing. I get the joy of knowing all my students. No one is just a number.

Q: What are some of your interests or hobbies?

A: I love living on the Gulf Coast. I enjoy fishing, hunting, and kayaking. Nature is a place I feel very at peace. I can relax and take time to think. My next quest is to learn to play disc golf and enjoy the fantastic course that UM has to offer.