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Q&A with UM School of Education Professor Joyce Woodburn

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At the University of Mobile School of Education, faculty understand that students maintain busy schedules, yet still want to pursue their education. UM’s online Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology as well as the online Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership & Policy make that possible. 

Dr. Joyce Woodburn, associate professor of education, is the head of these two non-certification master’s degree programs. 

“I really like working at a university that represents my Christian beliefs,” she says. “I think the students are wonderful; they are kind, considerate and fun to work with. I thoroughly enjoy working in the School of Education with my colleagues and friends.”

We asked Woodburn for an inside look at the School of Education and what it’s like to teach and learn in this Christ-centered academic community.

Q: Why would someone choose the Higher Education Leadership & Policy master’s degree program? 

A: This online program is for students who are interested in working in institutions of higher education. It emphasizes leadership within the context of a Biblical worldview and preparation for the changing policy dynamics of higher education. The courses in this program help students learn about the myriad of tasks and responsibilities that are associated with collegiate education and administration.

Q: Why would someone choose to study the Instructional Design and Technology master’s degree program? 

A: For those in K-12 and higher education, this online degree program increases understanding of the role of technology and its appropriate use in the support of student learning. For those in businesses and organizations, it develops leaders who understand the ways technology can be used in learning, training, and teaching at the corporate level. This program is designed to teach the proper use of technology to students so they can use technology in their careers.

Q: What is your background? 

A: My work experience prior to joining the University of Mobile faculty was primarily in the K-12 setting, including 32 years in the public school system. In that setting, I served in various capacities including as a science and social sciences teacher, a middle school and high school counselor, a secondary curriculum supervisor and coordinator, as well as the academic dean of the Baldwin County Public School System. 

Q: What is your favorite part about educating future teachers, and preparing current teachers for expanding their skillset? 

A: I love seeing students, especially in the higher education courses, find something they love and pursue it wholeheartedly. These students are preparing to teach the next generation, and it is so important to train them well for what is ahead of them. 

Q: What are some of your interests, and what do they say about you?

A: I am passionate about helping others. I want my life to “count” in a positive way so that I can help others reach their potential. I am an avid reader who reads approximately two books per week. I also enjoy baking and being with my family and friends. I am also very passionate and in love with my seven grandchildren! They are such a joy! 

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