Called to Help: Dashon

Called to Help: Dashon

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I come from a family of nurses, so I’ve always thought this was the right path for me, also. When someone would ask me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” –  I would always respond, “nurse.” I never even considered another answer. 

I love helping people because it feels good to me, to know I helped somebody. We’re currently in a world that is very much in a “me me me” mindset, which is another reason why I love helping others.

I remember being younger and always being an assistant to my grandmother while in the kitchen. I would do small things like pass her ingredients when she got ready to cook or do some baking. I was also the youngest member of the Vacation Bible School staff at my uncle’s church. I would volunteer to assist with classes, games, food, etc. 

As I reflect back to my younger days, I see that helping people has been constant throughout my life. So, coming from a family of nurses, it seemed natural that a career in nursing was my “Plan A.” 

I earned an associate degree in health science at my local community college, then planned to transfer to a four-year college. I wanted to stay close to my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. I knew I wanted to be at the University of Mobile because of its reputation for academics and because it is Christ-centered. So, I transferred to the university starting my junior year, pursuing the career I had planned since childhood. 

It took me about a month to realize that nursing was not my calling. 

While sitting through class every day, I could see that I wasn’t as happy as my other peers seemed to be, who were talking passionately about nursing. I knew my calling was to help people, and I had grown up thinking the healthcare field was the only way to achieve that.

But I’ve always believed that even if you can’t immediately see it, God has a plan for us. Sometimes “Plan B” is really His better plan. 

I met with the School of Nursing coordinator the following day and told her I was leaving nursing. For the next three hours, we discussed my options for alternative career paths. As the university has many business degrees in the Grace Pilot School of Business, marketing was my choice.

I decided on Integrated Marketing Communications because it would allow me to play an equally significant role in the healthcare industry as being a nurse would. My desire to help people was satisfied by the idea of assisting medical professionals in their efforts to create, communicate, and provide value to their patients.

My better perception of my future career has increased because of the business and marketing courses I have taken. One of my professors remarked that I had excellent strategic thinking skills. Then I realized that this was a hidden talent of mine. It’s crucial to have the ability to quickly strategically think when helping people.

As I am set to graduate in May 2023, I am beyond proud of myself. Because of my major in marketing, I am now able to strategically think and use my creativity where it is truly needed and valued. I want to use my education and skills to work as a marketing liaison for hospitals.

This is my path, a path that was created for me with my name on it. I learned that on the road to success, you must be open to the direction the road takes you. Never miss an opportunity to become who you are meant to be.

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